Dear friends

In the spiritual and common worship life of the Church, we have now entered the Season of Pentecost. This is the time between Pentecost Sunday and Advent Sunday. The liturgical colour is green, a symbol of growth. During this season we will journey with Jesus the Christ by a special focus on his words and his many signs of wonder, as we seek to grow more deeply into His will and ways for ourselves and those in our community.

One of the main ways we can respond during this blessed season is primarily through our life of prayer; both personal and communal. Jesus in his teaching on personal prayer gives us some basic principles on prayer, which we can call BE ATTITUDES.

They may be summarised like this:

BE ALONE (Matthew 6:5-6) Jesus often chose lonely places for prayer. He instructs us to “shut the door”, both literally and metaphorically, to the outside world. We must shut out all all that is not conducive to prayer from our minds and hearts. Being alone with God will draw us closer to him. We can feel free with God, and be ourselves.

BE BRIEF (Matthew 6:7-8)  This does not mean that we spend less time in prayer. It means we talk less and listen more.

BE CENTRED (Matthew 6:9-13) The ideal prayer that is both God-centred and people-centred, is the model prayer that Jesus gave us - the Our Father. It begins by giving praise to God, then directs our attention to God’s Kingdom, followed by the seeking of help in our needs, and finally expressing our desire to live in and for God’s glory.

A wise Christian once said: Prayer cannot create matter, but can move mountains… it cannot change God but can alter self. It will change our lives because it can change our deepest  desires and dispositions.

God bless you during this season of Pentecost.

Fr. Rodney