Novena: a nine day journey of prayer

Friday 11 May - Saturday 19 May 2018  

The Novena is traditionally the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost when the disciples prayed waiting for the Holy Spirit. Here in Canterbury Diocese we have prayed together for many years during the Novena using art and scripture and this has become a rich part of our shared prayer life. Since 2016 our Novena materials have also become resources for Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer movement begun by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York as a time to pray for evangelism in the days between Ascension and Pentecost. This is an invitation to the whole world to pray at this time so when you pray using the Novena materials during the Nine Days you’re joining with thousands of others not only around the Diocese but also internationally. Make sure you pick up a copy of the booklet - pop them in your pocket and use them each day as, like the disciples, we wait for the coming of the Spirit between Pentecost and Ascension. 

During the Novena we LOOK at a series of remarkable illustrations by Ian Pentney (a London based Christian illustrator); we READ the Bible stories about individuals whose lives and the lives of those around them have been changed by their encounter with God; we WAIT on the Holy Spirit to come to us through the bible text and image; we LISTEN in prayerful anticipation and we RESPOND with prayer and action.

Other resources available from include daily service sheets to use on your own or in a group called Daily Waitings which include a written reflection on each day’s scripture, The Novena Prayer Pack (interactive prayers for people of all ages), daily videos on each day, and an exhibition in Canterbury Cathedral of original artwork.

Please join us this Novena as we pray Come Holy Spirit: Thy Kingdom Come. May the Spirit bless us through our waiting with encounters that encourage and transform as we journey on together.

Daily Waitings Links – service sheets to use daily during the Novena with reflections on each day’s scripture

Day 1 - Friday 11th May

Day 2 - Saturday 12th May

Day 3 - Sunday 13th May

Day 4 - Monday 14th May

Day 5 - Tuesday 15th May

Day 6 - Wednesday16th May

Day 7 - Thursday 17th May

Day 8 - Friday 18th May

Day 9 - Saturday 19th May

Pocket Prayers

Daily Videos