Dear friends

This coming Sunday, 3rd. December, is Advent Sunday when throughout the world, we celebrate the beginning of another year of grace in God’s church. We are reminded by the readings throughout the season of Advent that we are people who are always remembering and waiting…… The Lord has come to us in history, in His Incarnation. He continues to come us in mystery in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and of all the sacraments,  and He will come again in majesty to judge the living and the dead.  So as Christians we are always living our lives in expectation of encountering the Lord… So we wait.

Yet our waiting is different from that of the Old Testament people and our hope has a different quality. They waited for a future, we watch for God’s presence. They hoped for a future event; we hope that what is hidden might become visible. They waited for the world to change; we are called to work for a change that has already begun. They looked to a distant horizon; we have to see what is happening here and now under our noses.

Yes indeed, the season of Advent is the celebration of the coming of God: in the past, in the future and in the present. We are His point of entry. His coming in the past remains buried in the past unless he comes again in us. His coming in the future will never truly happen - if He can find no point of entry in us now. Living in Christ, while we wait throughout Advent and beyond, we become the Sacrament of the present moment as we abandon ourselves to the Divine Providence. Have a blessed and fruitful Advent.

Fr. Rodney