Dear friends

Keeping Lent

God bless you in your praying, fasting and almsgiving this Lent.

In prayer, the liturgy of the forty days of Lent unfolds for us like a long retreat, a period spent in the desert and then a going up to Jerusalem, to hear again the cries of Jesus from the cross, with baptism and the empty tomb in the background.

In fasting, Yes. Lent makes us hungry to share with who those have nothing and to do that because God has always been on their side and God hears their cries of anguish.

In almsgiving, we remember that rich food and material wealth, good as they are, can paralyse us so much that we can lose heart. We can become closed to the poor and at the same time closed to God. However many sacrifices we might make in Lent, they would be valueless if we are not open to the cries of the poor.

Fr. Rodney